Microsoft Excel - Excel from Beginner to Advanced 2023

The complete 8-hour Excel course compatible with MS Office 365, or ANY version of Excel. Zero to HERO!

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What you'll learn
  • Go from complete beginner to proficient Excel user within 8 hours of content.
  • Learn to create workbooks and spreadsheets everyone will be jealous of.
  • Acquire critical Excel knowledge within the first 2 hours of tutorials.
  • Learn all about: tables, charts, formatting, formulas and functions, macros, pivot tables/charts, and much more!
  • No experience needed. You'll learn everything you need to know right from the beginning.
  • This course is compatible with any version of Excel. Including Excel in Microsoft Office 365.
  • No need to start from scratch. Almost all tutorials have a premade spreadsheet/workbook for you to download and use.
  • Take your time! Fast forward, rewind, and pause whenever you like.
Additional information

Did you know…

Over 750 million people have Excel on their computers, but most don't know how to use it!

This might be because Excel can come across as being a little awkward with first-time users.

Well, within this course, 'Microsoft Excel - Excel from Beginner to Advanced 2023', I'd like to dispel any awkwardness you may encounter, while using Excel, and quickly get you to the point where using Excel is as natural as rolling out of bed in the morning.

How do I do this?

- I explain concepts within Excel simply and clearly.

- I break down Excel's various tools, features, and functionality into the finest of detail, so you can gain a much deeper understanding of the program.

- I re-visit areas already taught every now and again, to reinforce what you would have already learned.

- I created this course to suit any level of learner.

I understand that learning Excel can feel like a huge undertaking, as it was for me when I first started using the program over 10 years ago. And so, you might ask yourself, “Do I have to learn everything in Excel before I can use it effectively?”.

Well, the answer is, NO!

You don’t have to learn every aspect of Excel before you can consider yourself qualified. The truth is, there is a certain level of proficiency that once reached, will make you considerably more qualified than the average Excel user.

To help you achieve this level of proficiency, I've created a very useful Excel workbook called, "main-workbook-section2" to accompany you throughout the first part of the course (After the basic introduction videos/material). In this workbook, I cover most (if not all) of the most important features and functionality you must know to get up to speed with the program as fast as possible. Then as you progress further into the course there are various other pre-prepared spreadsheets and workbooks you can download and use to follow along with my instructions.

What can you expect after enrolment?

We’ll start with a few introductory tutorials to get you set up for the course along with a basic introduction to Excel itself. Then, it’s onto section two, which I hope you’ll complete, and of course, ENJOY! Then, once this part of the course is completed, we'll start diving into other areas of Excel to really start sharpening the skills you would have already learned, along with learning some new things as well.

What do you get when you enroll:

- A 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can enroll risk-free.

- A lifetime access guarantee so you can re-visit the course whenever you want.

- Access to the Q and A section so you can get help at any point during the course.

- A certificate of completion to add to your resume/CV.

So, whatever your reason for wanting to learn Excel, enroll in 'Microsoft Excel - Excel from Beginner to Advanced 2023' today! And see where my course will take you :)

I’ll see you in the first lesson.

Microsoft Excel - Excel from Beginner to Advanced 2023