Microsoft Word 2016 - Bootcamp - Zero to Hero training

Become proficient in Microsoft Word 2016 so you can create beautiful, professional documents, easily!

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1700 learners
4 hours
1 quizzes
10 lessons
What you'll learn
  • How to work with your specific company fonts & colours.
  • Work with various images, styles and implementations.
  • Format text like a professional.
  • How to make an interactive form.
  • How to install new fonts.
  • Work with multiple column layouts.
  • Work with really long text documents.
  • How to create a table of contents automatically.
  • Create beautiful graphics & diagrams.
  • How to master tabs.
  • How to make an infographic.
  • How to work closely with Microsoft Excel.
  • How to work with comments & changes.
  • How to build your own company templates.
  • How to work with tables.
  • How to add videos to you documents.
  • You’ll get a cheat sheet, shortcuts and much, much more…
  • This course is for absolute beginners
  • You'll need a copy of Microsoft Word 2016.
  • No previous Word or desktop publishing skills are necessary.
Additional information

Hi there, in this Word tutorial course we’re going to learn Microsoft Word together. This is a project based course.

We’ll work through real world documents such as a formal business letter, monthly newsletter, a really long business report, a timetable and a visually exciting interactive PDF product document.

Projects in the course:

  • Creating a formal business letter
  • Creating a monthly company newsletter
  • Formatting a long business report, adding charts & graphs from Excel
  • Creating a timetable schedule using tables
  • Creating a company template using corporate fonts, colours & images
  • Creating a product overview PDF with basic interactivity
  • Creating a business form

Printing personalised letterheads & envelopes for client lists

This course is for beginners. You don’t need any previous knowledge of Word or any desktop publishing experience. We will start right at the basics but quickly get into working with up to date modern features.

You’ll work with images, logos & specific company colours. You’ll create corporate templates and reusable styles - automatically personalizing them using Mail Merge.

You’ll learn to make a monthly newsletter with links & videos ready for sharing & commenting. You’ll learn how to take charge of long documents; cleaning them up and adding professional graphs, infographics, tables and much more including exercise files. We will give you a printable 'cheat sheet'.

I will be around to help.If you get lost you can drop a comment on the video 'Questions and Answers' section that is below every video & I'll be sure to get back to you.

So my friend, now is your time to go from Word Zero, to Word Hero and for you to become the Microsoft Word professional in your office.

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MS word and Excel are the most common office tools which both has their differences and their similarities. Both of them can make printable documents and the kind of documents they make differs alot. Get on this short quiz and find out what you know.