Microsoft Word 2019 Essentials

Microsoft Office 2019 Suite of Applications

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What you'll learn
  • The basics of Microsoft Word 2019

Familiarity with computers, keyboards and mouse, access to Microsoft Office 2016 or 2019, preferably go through MS Office 2016 Introduction

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Microsoft Word 2019 Essentials is a basic level Word training program that covers the basics of Word. It is good for those who want to learn basics of MS Word and who are using older version of Word. The word 'basic' needs to be repeated here, since it is not for those who are already using 2013 and 2016, they might not get much benefit out of it since majority of the things are common, but if anyone wants to refresh their knowledge they are most welcome. 

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MS word and Excel are the most common office tools which both has their differences and their similarities. Both of them can make printable documents and the kind of documents they make differs alot. Get on this short quiz and find out what you know.