Visual Basic for Applications - Excel VBA - The full course

Learn how to do macros in EXCEL VBA and applications to automate Microsoft Excel with Visual Basic for applications

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3289 learners
4 hours
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6 lessons
What you'll learn
  • Create your own macro in Excel
  • Program in VBA
  • Understand Visual Basic for Applications
  • Create automated reports in Excel
  • Develop your applications and tools in Excel
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Word
Additional information

The course is composed of more than 200 videos. Each lesson is composed of one of more videos. The videos are created by experts developing applications using Visual Basic for Application (VBA) for MS Excel or MS Access for small, middle and large companies as consultants and as managers and coach for internal processes. These experts have created complex tools to create the reporting structure and manage the business processes. An extended version will include also real examples to be used directly in working and office processes.

You will learn from the basic concepts to the principles to build your own applications in Excel using VBA.

You will understand and digest the concept of object oriented programming and remove your barriers from being scared to see programming code.

You will be able to retrieve data from databases or other files and present them in Excel files.

You will create automated procedure to format data, display information and create complex reports and graphs.

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